Wastewater Treatment Plants

waste-waterWastewater treatment plants can generate a range of chemical species, depending upon the plant, process and load.


Typically the primary contaminant of concern from wastewater treatment plants is odour. There are a range of chemical species that have the potential to generate odour and a variety of techniques to quantify the odours both individually and collectively.

Airquality Limited has a range of instruments and techniques to assess these odours, using traditional odour assessment techniques as well as real-time monitoring of particular chemical species.

A number of these species have the potential to generate odours and these chemical species can be monitored either individually or collectively using a range of monitoring methods.

Our cost-effective range of monitoring instruments coupled with our meteorological experience ensures high data capture rates and reliable instrument operation. Our systems provide operators with on-line access to instrumental data in addition to SMS and email alarms and alerts when elevated results are recorded.


Odour Sampling
We can measure and quantify odours from wastewater treatment plants and biofilters prior to and post treatment to determine the efficiency of odour treatment devices.

Continuous Monitoring
We also have monitors which can be deployed to continuously monitor both hydrogen sulphide and the total reduced sulphide concentration. These instruments measure results continuously and plant operators can access the results online. The instruments also send SMS and email messages when elevated concentrations are reached. We typically recommend that a meteorological station be collocated with any odour monitoring to assist with source identification and potential future modeling.


Pricing is dependent upon:

  • The length of time you wish to monitor for
  • The type of equipment you wish to use
  • Whether you wish to purchase or rent the monitoring instrumentation
  • The level of data validation and reporting
  • Whether an instrument enclosure is required
  • Whether mains or solar powered options are required
  • Whether wind speed and direction also need to be measured

Our clients tell us that we offer very competitive quotes for both the supply and operation of these instruments.

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