Site Remediation

siteSite remediation can involve the discharge of potentially hazardous substances into the air. AirQuality Ltd has a variety of monitoring techniques to monitor these emissions prior to, during and following the site remediation process.


Contaminated sites vary considerably in scope and size and may contain a range of volatile chemical species, some of which can pose a risk to adjoining property owners if concentrations exceed safe levels.

The process of site remediation involves removing potentially hazardous chemicals from the site. While beneficial in the long term, it may result in the short term release of potentially hazardous chemicals.

Best practice involves continuous monitoring for these contaminants throughout the remediation process.


The most appropriate monitoring method will depend upon the chemical species concerned and the ambient concentration of that species.

Volatile Organic Compound Monitoring
The AirQuality Gasmote-TPG continuous monitor uses advanced sampling, recovery and gas detection techniques in combination with data-logging, automated sampling, communications and global positioning systems. The system can be used to continually monitor one or more VOC’s and is designed to be run remotely.

Hydrogen Sulphide
This instrument consists of two sensor heads and can measure hydrogen sulphide as low as 3ppb (4.5 µg/m3). This unit can be used for perimeter monitoring or for compliance purposes. The results from the analyser can be accessed in real-time through our secure website.


Pricing is dependent upon:

  • The length of time you wish to monitor for
  • The type of equipment you wish to use
  • Whether you wish to purchase or rent the monitoring instrumentation
  • The level of data validation and reporting
  • Whether an instrument enclosure is required
  • Whether mains or solar powered options are required
  • Whether wind speed and direction also need to be measured

Our clients tell us that we offer very competitive quotes for both the supply and operation of these instruments.

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