Regulators have a wide range of requirements from the operation of reference stations in accordance with national and international standards through to screening surveys and incident investigations and response to complaints.


AirQuality Ltd offers a unique, cost-effect solution to ambient air quality monitoring. We have significant experience with a range of instruments involved with the collection of standards compliant air quality data.

We routinely install, service and calibrate a range of particle sensors from BAM’s through to Hi-Vols and near-forward nephelometers. Similiarly we offer a range of options for the monitoring and measurement of gases.

Our cost-effective range of monitoring instruments coupled with our meteorological experience ensures high data capture rates and reliable instrument operation. Our systems provide operators with on-line access to instrumental data in addition to SMS and email alarms and alerts when elevated results are recorded.


Reference Stations
We routinely install, service and calibrate a range of reference monitoring stations including meteorological measurements. While most of our reference work has focused on PM10 and NO2, we have more recently begun to deploy a number of PM2.5 instruments.

Sub-reference Monitors
We also offer more cost effective options for PM and NO2 collection using sub-reference samplers. These units are ideal for screening surveys, consent dust management or to develop correlations with reference stations.

A number of our clients rent these instruments from us for short term assessments or in response to complaints.


Pricing is dependent upon:

  • The length of time you wish to monitor for
  • The type of equipment you wish to use
  • Whether you wish to purchase or rent the monitoring instrumentation
  • The level of data validation and reporting
  • Whether an instrument enclosure is required
  • Whether mains or solar powered options are required
  • Whether wind speed and direction also need to be measured

Our clients tell us that we offer very competitive quotes for both the supply and operation of these instruments.

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