Transport Network Emissions


AirQuality Limited provides a range of options for monitoring transport emissions. These include a variety of NO2, PM10 and PM2.5 instruments including both reference and sub-reference methods.


Changes in the vehicle fleet profile, emissions technology and commuter patterns all contribute to changes in emissions from the roading network.

It is important to monitor these changes regularly in order to enable early identification of any potential problems. This enables changes to be made with sufficient lead time to resolve any issues and ensure that no adverse effects arise from exposure to emissions from the transport network.


There are a variety of options for monitoring emissions depending on your requirements.

Nitrogen Dioxide – Screening Assessments
For screening level assessments, we recommend the use of gas sensitive semiconductors. These cost effective instruments send data to a secure on-line repository. We provide our clients with access to a web server to view plots of real-time data. Data can then be compared with national standards and guidelines. If the levels are close to relevant limits or legal certainty and compliance with reference standards is necessary, then we recommend using a chemiluminescent analyser.

Nitrogen Dioxide – Chemiluminescent Analyser


Pricing is dependent upon:

  • The length of time you wish to monitor for
  • The type of equipment you wish to use
  • Whether you wish to purchase or rent the monitoring instrumentation
  • The level of data validation and reporting
  • Whether an instrument enclosure is required
  • Whether mains or solar powered options are required
  • Whether wind speed and direction also need to be measured

Our clients tell us that we offer very competitive quotes for both the supply and operation of these instruments.

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